Time for GECOM recount to move ahead, says Minister Patterson

calls out PPP/C for delay tactics

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, May 3, 2020

The total recount of votes cast in the March 2nd General and Regional Elections must proceed without interruptions. This is the contention of Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson.

David Patterson-290

Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson.

Speaking with the media outside the Arthur Chung Conference Centre on Saturday, Minister Patterson was adamant that the APNU-AFC coalition is in full support of the national recount in the format laid out by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

“We would like to see it completed. We would like to hear the results declared,” Minister Patterson emphasised.

The Minister further called out attempts by the main Opposition party, PPP/C, to derail the recount that is designed to ensure the credible completion of the electoral process.

According to Minister Patterson, some of these attempts include objections to the examination of lists for each polling station that contains persons that voted on March 2.

Minister Patterson also noted live-streaming of the recount process is another issue thrust into the forefront by the PPP/C and later supported by the small parties. While commending GECOM for agreeing to broadcast the opening of ballot boxes, the Minister said live-streaming as a means to resolve conflict is counterproductive.

A high-level CARICOM team of observers arrived in Guyana on Saturday to observe the recount. GECOM expects the process to take 25 days should there be no delay in work pace.