‘Unprecedented’ development in Region Nine over the last three years – Regional Chairman

The government’s continued investment in Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) has seen unprecedented and transformative development, with a vision of making the region a hub of investment activities.

Chairman of Region Nine, Bryan Allicock has lauded the numerous developments.   

Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock

Speaking with the Department of Public Information on Wednesday, Allicock said that these developments have solidified a sense of pride, as he chronicled the advancements seen in many sectors.

He highlighted some of the numerous advancements in health, infrastructure, and agriculture that have propelled the region to greater heights.

In the area of health, the region now boasts seven telemedicine sites. The telemedicine programme provides persons in remote communities with access to the expertise of medical professionals on the coast through electronic devices. The infusion of technology in the provision of health services is serving to drastically improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare, especially in hinterland regions.

In December 2022, telemedicine sites were launched in four communities in the region; Masakenari (Gunns Village), Nappi, Parikwarinau, and Yupukari.

Allicock said, “We have just had the consultation, and I believe we have been given the approval to construct a new hospital here in Lethem. A two-storey building where we will have a CT scan facility, a dialysis centre, a cancer patient ward, and the most modern of laboratory facilities. We will also have personnel trained to do all the testing here, so we won’t have to wait months for results, it could be analysed here.”

Additionally, as the region’s agriculture sector continues to see investment, the RC said the soya and corn cultivation in the region is taking shape.

“We are also doing rice in some communities, about two to three acres, and the farmers are happy that they are doing it because they see for themselves how it is being done on the Coast. They are getting the results from what they are doing. We are also looking at going back into beef production,” he added.

Meanwhile, the region has recommenced the practice of artificial insemination, and already, 83 animals have been inseminated.

The Egg and Sandwich Project, which the RC said has been instrumental in improving access to affordable local, high-quality chicken and eggs to communities in the region, forms part of the goal of reducing the importation cost of poultry meat by 25 per cent by 2025.

He also cited the Black Giant Chicks Project as another key initiative promoting sustainability in the region, as well as lending support to local farmers.

Infrastructural development has also been a cornerstone of the government’s robust agenda for hinterland development. Some $1.8 billion in roadworks have already been identified and form part of the public works ministry’s work programme, with additional works to be executed by the end of the year. Additionally, following consultations with community leaders and members of the town council and municipalities, another $1 billion has been allocated for infrastructural works to be executed by the end of the year.

“We have seen massive improvements in accessibility to the villages. One of our aims was to have connectivity to all the villages within this region, and we are moving towards that. We must also thank the government for having these kinds of consultations because it is the best way to go,” Allicock expressed.