Victoria residents applaud ministerial outreach

Residents of Victoria were engaged by eleven members of government to have their concerns addressed at the Victoria Community Ground on Saturday.

Ministers at the Victoria community engagement

The engagement is the third of its kind that has been conducted along the East Coast corridor since the PPP/C Government took office in August 2020.

Upon having their issues addressed, the Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to several residents who praised the government for its hands-on approach to development.

A resident raising a concern

Victoria Resident, Kadien Elliot said “Well, most of all, as they keep stressing on the roads it is a really big adjustment and we really need that development in Victoria to have the roads done urgently. And, I guess they will be doing it so I must applaud them for that, I am very much satisfied with the outreach today.”

Another resident, Dhanpall Sukhdeo noted that, “This was a very good outreach because in Victoria they never had one like this before and I think the things that the government is implementing in Victoria is a wonderful thought because they try to make Victoria a place where people can respect with the development strategy that they plan.”

A resident raising a concern

Donna Clarke, another resident, was appreciative of the government’s intervention in the community.

“Nothing happens before its time because if you start a house, you can’t expect the house to done one time, you have places you have to go and this time that permitted so this is our time and I enjoy it,” said Clarke.

Michael Spencer said, “Proud, I will be happy. I am telling people there is a song that says I don’t care how you get there, I will be happy with whomever does what they have to do as the government regardless of who is in power.”

Cindy Singh shared similar sentiments.

“I think this is a great initiative to meet the people one by one and to hear their views and problems that they have and to actually help them to solve these problems to make Guyana a better place. With all of these projects and plans that they have and emplacing currently. I think they are making a great effort to show the people that they are doing a wonderful job and they are just not talking it but they are doing it by action,” Singh opined.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips announced that the government will be meeting with residents of Ann’s Grove next, in a similar setting.