‘2020 an exciting time to be Guyanese’ – President Granger

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday December 31, 2019

On the eve of the new decade, Guyanese were assured of a higher quality of life over the next 10 years. “

“We are looking beyond 2020. We are laying plans for the future,” His Excellency President David Granger assured as he addressed the nation.


His Excellency David Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Officially launching the Decade of Development: 2020-2029, the President outlined a ten-point plan that should see, Guyanese realising improvement in their quality of life within the next five years

  • Improvements in education that will ensure every child has access access to quality education; free tuition for students at the University of Guyana and strengthening teachers’ training;
  • Higher levels of investment, incentives for business development, support for agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and mining;
  • Constitutional reform, with broader consultation, and emphasis on wider political inclusion, protecting human rights and preventing constitutional gridlock;
  • Good governance, through enhanced transparency and integrity in public office, strengthened regional development and the empowerment of women and youths;
  • The reinforcement of social safety nets for pensioners, the homeless, the indigent and disabled – and ensuring greater respect for each other’s religious beliefs, ethnic identities and cultural practices;
  • The reduction of crime, protection of human life and the safeguarding of the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty;
  • Preservation of the Indigenous cultural identity and giving recognition of Indigenous peoples’ knowledge in protecting the environment;
  • Strengthening the institutional, legislative and regulatory framework for the management of the petroleum sector and fast-tracking the development of renewable energy sources;
  • Preserving the country’s ecosystems and implementing conservation, climate adaptation and mitigation measures and combating the adverse effects of climate change; and
  • Upgrading infrastructure by expanding aerodromes, bridges, road networks, stellings and ferry services through hinterland development and reinforcing coastal sea defences.

The President also underscored his administration’s commitment to strengthening resolve and augmenting resources to protect the national patrimony; noting that “the controversy between the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will be resolved, peaceably, by the International Court of Justice.”

He also reminded that the General and Regional Elections are due within months and citizens will have the opportunity to elect representatives to the National Assembly and Regional Democratic Councils

“General and Regional Elections provide the opportunity for the election of leaders to govern the country during an era of high levels of economic growth and human development…the Elections Commission will deliver free, fair and credible elections and the security forces will ensure an environment of public order and stability before, during and after the elections.”

Reminding that in 2020 Guyana will be observing its 50th anniversary as a republic the Head of State urged all to join in the celebrations being planned to mark the Republic’s Jubilee.

In his closing President Granger noted that “We should be satisfied that the plans which have been laid out for the next five to ten years will culminate, inevitably, in our homeland becoming a land of happy people, happy families, happy households and happy communities.”



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