25 marriages formalise in Region One after outreach by General Register Office

Twenty-five couples are now happily married after their unions were finally formalised by the General Register Office during a four-day outreach from September 27 to 30 in Region One.

In a press release by the office, the entity stated that it found couples that were together for more than 25 years without being legally married, within the areas of Baramita, mainly Cassie Creek, Aranka, and Warapa.

This is due to multiple circumstances including the absence of basic documentation such as birth certificates or national identification cards, which was a result of language constraints and distance.

One of the couples at the wedding ceremony

As such, the office collaborated with community leaders and churches, where they then embarked on a journey to address these barriers.

The office worked to assist individuals which ultimately led to the facilitation of long-awaited marriages, allowing these couples to finally be issued their marriage certificates.

The momentous process resulted in smiles, tears of joy, and a palpable sense of relief among the newlyweds, which reflected a long-awaited culmination of love finally bound by legality, a celebration of commitment.

One of the newlyweds

Additionally, it also brings about a new sense of stability in the communities. Such collaboration can serve as a model for other regions and communities facing similar issues, demonstrating how local authorities and community leaders can work together to support individuals and families in overcoming documentation challenges and ensuring that their unions are solemnised.

Meanwhile, the office which functions under the Ministry of Home Affairs said it stands as a beacon of hope and support, affirming that every individual deserves the right to have their love recognised and their unions validated, regardless of administrative hurdles.

The register office further said it is committed to ensuring this vital function is accessible to all Guyanese, as well as the process of registering for a marriage licence, and the issuing of a marriage certificate is simple and in keeping with the laws of Guyana. Additionally, over the past three months, the register office facilitated the training of over 60 marriage officers across the regions and provided awareness sessions to organisations and churches within Guyana.