3,000 house lots to be developed on east coast this year – Min Rodrigues

The East Coast of Demerara is set to experience significant development in the coming months, with plans to allocate 3,000 lots for new housing and infrastructure works to support the growth.

Some 1,500 house lots have already been allocated in the communities of Lusignan and Good Hope during the ‘Dream Realised’ housing drive held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) on Tuesday.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues said the exercise is part of a larger plan to develop 3,000 lots along the east coast in 2023 alone.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues

“So, far on the East Coast from 2020 to 2023 we have already allocated 5,900 lots,” the minister said during the event.

She highlighted that the government has already invested over $24 billion in infrastructure works along the east coast, while the development of new highways and roads is set to create one big city when the east coast is linked to the east bank.

“ We are developing a very complex network of highways and roads and you will see a whole different community being developed along the east coast, linking to the east bank.”

The interventions will provide much-needed housing for the growing population as well as create new economic opportunities and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

The new highways and roads will make transportation easier and more efficient, while the creation of new neighbourhoods and commercial areas will boost local businesses and create jobs.

Meanwhile, the minister highlighted that infrastructural works are ongoing in the communities of La Reconnaissance, Non-Pareil, Bladen Hall, Vigilance, Annadale, Mon-Repos, Strathspey, and De Endragt.