90 per cent workforce to construct new Demerara River Bridge will be Guyanese – CRCC

Persons are being encouraged to grab the numerous employment opportunities available through the construction of the US$260 million new Demerara River Bridge by the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC).

During an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) Friday last, Public Liaison Officer, Sharda Mohan-Soomai said the company is committed to ensuring that 90 per cent of its workforce for the multi-billion project is made up of Guyanese.

Already, over 100 persons have gained employment for the mobilisation operations being conducted on the eastern side of the new bridge.

The company is prioritising young people in this process.

Soomai explained that as the mobilisation and procurement stage of the project continues, more job opportunities will become available for young people, especially those residing on the West Bank of Demerara (WBD).

To date, persons have been able to explore options in the technical field as well as administrative roles.

“The best part about this project is that we have taken young persons with little to no experience and trained them. We are hiring persons on a daily basis and we intend to continue doing so as we try to provide as many jobs as we can,” the liaison officer explained.

The operations of the CRCC began in June last year, following the signing of the contract with the Ministry of Public Works in May to construct the new river bridge.

This will see Guyana benefitting from a 2.65 kilometres four-lane, high-span bridge with an estimated 100-year life span.

It will connect from Nandy Park on the East Bank of Demerara to La Grange on the West Bank. This is said to be the most significant local transportation infrastructure project that Guyana has ever embarked on.