$23.8M water distribution network for Aishalton Village, Region Nine

-$15M well drilled to benefit over 1000 residents

More than 1000 residents in the village of Aishalton, situated in the Deep South Rupununi of Region Nine, are set to benefit from a new water distribution system, with an investment totalling $38.8 million.

The well, costing $15 million, has already been drilled, and work will soon commence on the water distribution network to the tune of $23.8 million.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues speaking to residents at a benab in Aishalton on Friday

During an event held at the village benab on Friday, the contract for the distribution network was handed over to the contractor, D&R Construction, and the local Village Council (VC).

Present at the event were Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues; Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony; Hinterland Service Director, Ramchand Jailall, and other technical officers of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

Contract document handed over to commence work on the water distribution network at Aishalton

Minister Rodrigues emphasised the government’s commitment to improving water supply systems in remote areas like Aishalton.

We have never neglected our responsibilities in the housing sector, and all of the sectors…We are guided by the overall vision of the government, and our party,” Minister Rodrigues affirmed.

Residents thankful for government interventions

Aishalton’s water supply system currently comprises two drilled wells, serving as the primary water sources for the village and sustaining approximately 70 per cent of the community through an extensive distribution network.

Notably, the secondary school and hospital benefit from independent water supply systems.

In response to increased demand, Minister Rodrigues said the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) undertook the drilling of a third well in 2023, with plans to activate it soon, expanding the network to achieve 95 per cent coverage.

However, prolonged dry weather has decreased production levels, causing water shortages in the area.

Despite this, residents receive sectional delivery daily to ensure equitable water distribution.

According to the minister, the activation of the new well and the expansion of the water network as crucial steps towards ensuring access to clean and reliable water for all residents.

Since assuming office in 2020, the government has expended more than $1.1 billion to construct new water systems and expand existing ones in Region Nine.

In 2024, new water systems are being completed in Hiowa, Quatata, Kwatamang, Taushida, Pai Pang, Katoonarib, Aishalton, Potarinau, Fair View, and Yakarinta for a total sum of $200 million.

Minister Rodrigues noted that more than 75 new wells have been completed to provide service to over 15,000 persons for the first in hinterland and riverine communities across the country.

From 2021 to 2024, under the PPP/C Administration, 83 per cent of the hinterland population has gained access to water.

This marks a significant improvement compared to the mere 45 per cent that was receiving water under the previous administration.