CIOG encouraging worshippers to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines

As you are aware, the most recent edition of the Gazette in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic stipulates that persons accessing public buildings, including places of worship, need to show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

This means that we will have to adhere to these measures at our respective Masjids.

The Severe threat of the pandemic and the increasing number of infections and Deaths warrant strong measures based on reliable scientific guidance and Islamic rulings by the majority of the Muslim scholars which supports the taking of the Covid-19 vaccine. As believers in God Almighty, we must act responsibly and protect our lives and the lives of others.

Allah instructs us in the holy Quran, “Ask those who know when you don’t know.”

We must think good, and act righteously, promote the truth and cooperate with one another in doing good and preventing harm.

As such we would like the following to be given priority;

1.    Persons entering the Masjid must sanitize at the entrance, and observe social distancing of Six feet apart.

2.    There should be no shaking of hands, embracing nor congregating while at the Masjid except for prayers.

3.    Persons attending the Masjid to pray should walk with a prayer mat.

4.    Persons entering the Masjid should provide evidence of vaccination or a negative PCR test results.