Coalition Govt is legitimate, operating on ‘a different footing’ – PM Nagamootoo

– govt accepts and respects the CCJ ruling

– “CCJ ruling implied that the President and the Cabinet continue, as the govt but must operate on a different footing, it is guided by certain conventions. Conventions are that govt will do routine functions”

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Prime Minister, Hon. Moses Nagamootoo has reiterated that the government is legitimate and is in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana. He added, as is stipulated in the Constitution, the government will remain in office until a new government is sworn in following General and Regional Elections.

“We are the government by the law of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, and we will continue to do those things for which we were elected until elections are held,” the Prime Minister explained during an interview on radio programme ‘Hot Seat’ with host, Stan Gouveia on 94.1Boom FM.

He emphasised that the Caribbean Court of Justice’s (CCJ) ruling did state that the President and Cabinet can operate, but on a “different footing”.

“We have accepted the orders of the CCJ. We believe that the CCJ is our final ‘Court of Appeal’, and the pronouncements of the court by way orders, have to be respected and obeyed… The ruling implied that the President and the Cabinet continue as the government but must operate on a different footing, it is guided by certain conventions. Conventions are that you [government] will do routine functions… There is always a government, there can be no country that exits in a void there is always a government.” He further explained “the law presumes out of necessity that there must be a government, there is no vacuum… it is called a ‘juristic hypothesis’ – there must be a government. You cannot resign a government and a president, so we accept that we are an interim government.”

Questioned about the preparation of the 2020 budget given the ruling of the CCJ, the Prime Minister noted that a good administration with vision and foresight must be able to prepare “for tomorrow and the day after that”.

“Guyanese are expecting any government to deliver salaries, increase emoluments, allowances, better living conditions and all the other facilities to give the people a good life.”

The Prime Minister appeared on the live radio programme alongside his Coalition colleague, Minister of Public Health, Hon. Volda Lawrence where several topical issues and clarifications were brought to the fore.

The full interview can be viewed below:


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