Court ruling essential to elections’ democratic process- US Congresswoman

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, June 23, 2020

US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke of the Ninth District of New York has commended the recent Court of Appeal ruling, noting that courts play a vital role in the pursuit of democracy.

Speaking on 107.1FM’s Benschop Radio on Monday evening, the Democratic congresswoman said the judiciary, like the legislature and executive branches of government, is critical in upholding democratic nations.

Congressional Black Caucus US Congresswoman Yvette Clark.

“This [The elections] is a democratic process […] In democracies they all carry weight,” Congresswoman Clarke affirmed.

“It is very exciting. I’m happy for the people of Guyana in their pursuit of the democratic process [of] free and fair elections,” she continued.

Zeroing in on the court’s decision, the Congresswoman urged Guyanese to be watchful and to respect the ruling. “It is important that we are vigilant, that we stay focused on the ruling of the court.”

Nearly two weeks ago, the Congresswoman chastised attempts from individuals and interest groups to interfere with GECOM’s work.

At the time, the Congresswoman said, “we are maintaining our position that GECOM must be free to do its job without the interference of any group so that we can from this [process] get a free and fair election.”

To bolster her point, Clarke stated, “we are monitoring from the congressional side all of the various players that are either interfering or trying to put their thumbs on the scale of the elections in Guyana.”

The congresswoman frequently speaks on issues related to Guyana since her electoral district has a significant immigrant population that consists of thousands of Guyanese and nationals from the Caribbean.

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke was a member of a bipartisan contingent that visited Guyana in January to meet with Government and the parliamentary Opposition on matters related to the then imminent elections.


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