Domestic violence ‘Imatter app’ now scannable – Min Persaud  

The government’s domestic violence ‘Imatter App’ is now easier to download with the development of a QR code that will be placed on banners countrywide for persons to scan.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud

This is being done to further provide support to victims of gender-based violence while improving the nature of reporting violence in Guyana.

Human Services and Social Security Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud on Wednesday, highlighted the new feature available on the app, as she encouraged persons to fully utilise the many services made available on the app.

Residents of Region Five

“What we are adding to it is the QR Code. We have the ‘Imatter app’ and I encouraged you to download it on your phones and once you download it you have all the resources available in the entire country at your disposal. Banners will be all across the country just scan it and you get the app immediately,”the minister announced on the sidelines of the $100,000 Special Needs Fund distribution at Fort Wellington, Region Five.

Imatter app banner that will be place across Guyana

The government is assiduously working to make the ‘Imatter App’ accessible offline to further provide support to victims of gender-based violence.

“Currently we are working to make the 914 ‘Imatter app’ offline. So that if you have a phone and you don’t have data you can still utilise this offline. This is to end gender-based violence… we can only stop it if all of us is involved if we know where to call and where to get help,” she said.

Meanwhile, the app falls under the government’s 914 24-hour toll free hotline, which was conceptualised last year to mitigate gender-based violence in Guyana.

Children with the Imatter flyer

It also has a panic button which immediately connects to the 914 hot line if a person is unable to do so.

Persons can utilise the hotline to report physical, mental, verbal and sexual abuse. Immediate response and action are offered when a person reports a case of violence.

Upon using the hotline persons are provided many forms of support such as counselling, shelter, legal aid and many more.

In addition, survivor advocates are also accessible to persons through the 914 hotline and have the responsibility of informing victims of their rights and the services available to them.

As part of the programme, victims will be offered ‘survivor kits’ to get them back on their feet. The kits contain essential items for persons, who may be forced to evacuate their homes because of an abusive relationship.