E’ Division equips bicycle patrols to better tackle crime

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Guyana Police Force E’ Division (Upper Demerara-Berbice) has taken the initiative to outfit and equip their bicycle ranks, so as to help foster good police public relations as a modus operandi of fighting crime

According to the Divisional Commander, Anthony Vanderhyden, the 10 ranks are now uniformed in a navy-blue t-shirt and short pants. They will be operating during the day and will be posted at each of the three police stations in Linden. Five ranks will be assigned to the Mackenzie Police Station; two at the Amelia’s Ward Outpost and three at Wismar Police Station.

The E’ Division Commander applauded the initiative, which is a first for Linden and has proven to be very effective, since it began during the week of May 7-11. He noted the new uniforms are a change for the Division, giving the ranks a more approachable appearance, which has allowed for more interaction with the public. Bicycles were chosen as the means of transport since it will allow the police ranks to effectively manoeuvre in congested areas, quickly reach the scene of an incident and report back to the main station

The ranks will be on the ground to tackle minor related crimes in all departments; traffic, CID, narcotics etc. In the eventuality of the need for back up, the ranks will utilise radio sets to contact their respective stations.

Commander Anthony Vanderhyden was posted to E’ Division on the February 19 and made a commitment to reduce the crime rate in the Division.

By Vanessa Braithwaite

Images by Vanessa Braithwaite