Employment for Lindeners as Linden Synthetic Track construction commences

─ works will be done in phases

─ govt praised for delivering to the sport community of Linden

DPI, Guyana, Friday, January 18, 2019

With the commencement of the construction of the Linden Synthetic Track at the Bayroc Community Centre Ground, Lindeners, on Thursday, flocked the site in search of employment, as it was promised that they will benefit in this regard. Construction of this modern facility was awarded to Builders Hardware and General Supplies at a total value of $179M.

Member of Parliament, Jermaine Figueira addresses scores of Lindeners who turned up seeking employment at Bayroc Community Centre Ground.

The large gathering of mostly males was addressed by Region 10’s Member of Parliament, Jermaine Figueira who said that Lindeners will benefit from employment at the project site, but all those who turned up will not benefit in the embryonic stage. However, because the project is a long term one, those who may not be employed now will be in the latter stages. They were urged to remain hopeful.

The first phase of construction includes the groundwork, laying of necessary drainage pipes, curb work, asphalting and concreting where necessary. Following that will be the laying of the synthetic material on an eight-lane 400-meter track. This is expected to take about six months. The following phases include the development of the pavilion and the additional space surrounding.

The residents also commended the government for ensuring that this much-needed facility comes to the mining town, and more so Wismar, where there are no such facilities, though the cream of the crop of Linden’s athletes resides on the Wismar shore.

Figueira said, he made representation for the track to come to Wismar as well. “It is this government which is honouring a promise made and righting a wrong the previous administration committed, in denying the region which he termed the “talent basket” of Guyana. This facility will provide an abundance of opportunities for our nation’s best and most promising athletes while at the same time discovering new talents. Olympian and world-class athletes will emerge from this facility.”

The track will also have the necessary amenities for all field events and the middle will be developed into a world-class football field, a project that will be scheduled for a later time.

No homes in the area will be affected, additional facilitation will be put in place for roadways and it is expected that the general aesthetics of Wismar Linden will be improved.

Story and Image: Vanessa Braithwaite.