First Lady launches Adopt-an-Orphanage Initiative, 8 orphanages adopted by corporate sponsors

First Lady, H.E. Arya Ali today launched the highly-anticipated ‘Adopt-an-Orphanage’ Initiative which establishes a link between corporate sponsors and homes that are in need of financial support.

Mrs. Ali first introduced the idea of providing sustainable support to children in institutional care, during a conversation with US-based Guyanese rapper SAINt JHN at State House last October.

Initially, three orphanages were identified to receive support through this initiative. However, with a high level of interest from the business community, that pool was expanded to include five more orphanages.

The orphanages which will receive support from sponsors for a minimum of six to twelve months are: Joshua House, Bless the Children’s Home, Ruimveldt Children’s Home, St. John Bosco Orphanage, Canaan Children’s Home, St. Ann’s Orphanage, Prabhu Sharan Orphanage, and Shaheed Boys and Girls Orphanage.

Nine sponsors have committed to providing financial support to these orphanages to cover their monthly expenses. They include: Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI), Demerara Bank Limited, Atlantic Ventures Inc., Innovations America, Impressions Branding, JS Guyana Inc., Oasis Café, Anter Narine, and Taslim Baksh.

At the simple ceremony held at State House today, the sponsors and representatives of the institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which establishes a framework for the agreement and holds both entities accountable to their commitment. Oversight will be provided by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

During her remarks, Mrs. Ali said she believes that this is an important and necessary step in protecting the basic rights of children and improving their welfare, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

“Every child is born with specific needs. Some of those critical needs include, food and shelter,

security, an education, and the knowledge or belief that one is of value to themselves and others.

Most, if not all of us, have enjoyed the comfort of our biological family and the benefits that that affords. The children that you are pledging your commitment to today, are not as fortunate as many of us were. They have already been deprived of a biological family and it is our duty to ensure they are afforded the basic necessities in life to realize their fullest potential,” she said.

But more than just benefitting the children, the First Lady shared that this also provides an opportunity for others to be more conscious and compassionate towards those in vulnerable situations.

“It is an opportunity for individuals to recognise the disparity that exists, and for them to open their hearts to the plight to our children who are most vulnerable. This initiative also provides individuals with an opportunity to reflect on their role in helping to create a better Guyana for our children,” Mrs Ali added.

Meanwhile, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Vindhya Persaud lauded the initiative and expressed how delighted she was to be part of it.

She acknowledged the importance of providing critical support to children during their formative years, and pledged the government’s continued support for initiatives which seek to improve the lives of the Guyanese people.

Tokens of appreciation were also presented to the sponsors by the First Lady and Minster

Persaud at the ceremony.