Four Points by Sheraton in Houston fits into expansion of economic zone – President Ali

– Says project strategically aligned to Govt’s development goals

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said that Four Points by Sheraton – Marriott Bonvoy to be constructed at Houston, along the new Eccles to Mandela Road link, is just one component of the rapid economic zone set to change the landscape of the country.

He noted that the hotel, which is being developed by Caribbean Green Building Inc., would be a “natural spin-off” for development and key to the growth and progression of the area.

He stated that the area would have a private sector industrial/commercial development to support the oil and gas sector, which would be a part of a huge commercial zone, an upscale housing development, a medical and technological zone, and a service hub.

“That is the type of planning that surrounds this area. Those are the type of services that will come to this area. So this area will become a massive economic zone. Thousands of jobs will be created.”

Additionally, the President said discussions are underway for the construction of a mall, a second hotel and the placement of a number of Government Ministries along the highway.

“You will see the infrastructural changes in our country that are directly linked towards the opening up of lands and opening up of opportunities for these types of investment.”

Govt will also open land for agriculture, industrial development and manufacturing.


These developments, President Ali emphasised, are not isolated but rather, are strategically aligned to the Government’s goal of building a sustainable, diversified economy.

“That is what leads to sustainability; building an economy and building a system that is not reliant on one sector so it can withstand a variation of shocks. That is important in building a sustainable society.”

The President pointed to the value that such investments bring to the surrounding communities, particularly regarding the increase in real estate.


These developments, he added, are supported by increased connectivity and expansion of roadways and supporting infrastructure across the country.

The President said that along with the Mandela to Eccles, Eccles to Diamond four-lane road, and the Ogle to Eccles road, other links will also be created.

“We have just advertised for the new highway from Conversation Tree coming all the way to where the GWI is. Simultaneously, we have completed the design of this new road going all the way to connect to Ogle, interconnected to Cummings Lodge, interconnected to Georgetown. That is the network that we are building.”

He noted that plans are also in place to connect the East Coast of Demerara to the East Bank and then move all the way down to the Soesdyke-Linden Highway and on to Silica City.


He reminded about the magnitude of investments and their impact on job creation.

“Imagine 1300 loads of sand, that’s 1300 truckloads linked to mechanics, the fuel stations that have to fill the trucks, the drivers, the porters, the machines that load the trucks, this is how development is integrated. This is how development is connected.”

The President also gave his assurance that by the end of this year, his Government would be on a massive implementation schedule and major transformative projects should be awarded. Following this, he added, there will be a heavy focus on community infrastructural development.

President Ali pointed to the strides made under his administration to remove unnecessary bureaucracy and reduce the approval time for such investments. He added that works are advancing with developers to create a single window construction approval system.

“We want those bureaucracies to be eliminated; checks and balances to ensure transparency and rigidity of the system are critical but not at the expense of the project.”


The President reminded that the country is heading in a direction that will realise prosperity for all citizens.

“There is no other path for this country, but a path of unity, a path of prosperity, a path of development. Every single stakeholder from the church all the way down to the community groups must be custodians of this future. We are all in one vehicle powered under the banner of One Guyana.”

According to Mr Andres Botero-Toro, from Green Building Inc., the concept will take into account the cultural diversity in Guyana. 

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, the Honourable Oneidge Walrond; CEO of the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest), Dr Peter Ramsaroop and other  Government officials also joined the President at the event.