GNBS certifies products of wood and software companies Made in Guyana

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) on Wednesday February 08 and Thursday February 09, provided the greenlight to Durable Wood Products Inc. and Techlify Inc., respectively to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark on their products.

The Made in Guyana certificate presented to Durable Wood Products Inc made the company the second in the category to attain certification under the programme, and the first 100 percent Guyanese owned business to do so in the forestry sector. The company, which is the 23rd to become certified, was permitted by the GNBS to affix the MIG Standards Mark to its Taper Sawn Wallaba Shingles, which are made for roofs and walls.

During the Handing over Ceremony, held at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, the company’s CEO and President of the Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association (GMSA) Mr. Rafeek Khan shared that although wallaba shingles is quite uncommon, it has been used for perhaps a century in Guyana.

The CEO thanked the GNBS for giving Durable Wood Products Inc. the rights to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark on its shingles, noting that the mark would help to identify the company’s shingles along with what its grade and standards are, and that is very important.

The certification ceremony was attended by the Hon. Oneidge Walrond, Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce and the Hon. Vickram Bharrat, Minister of Natural Resources.

Minister Walrond, who presented the certificate to Durable Wood Products Inc. CEO, Mr. Rafeek Khan, lauded the company for taking the step to become Made in Guyana Certified, highlighting the importance of standards as Guyana seeks to become a country that is looking to make its products globally competitive. She noted, “the vision of the Ministry is to have the Made in Guyana Mark be synonymous with quality, exceptional quality and to be synonymous with supporting local, so when persons see the Made in Guyana Mark, they know there is no other question, that this is an exceptional product and that is the vision.”

Meanwhile, Minister Bharrat stated “When persons hear of and see the Made in Guyana Mark, it brings a sense of pride and patriotism, and it shows how far we have come as a people and a country.” He added, “There was a time when if you had a Made in Guyana stamp on a product it wouldn’t sell. Today, we have done it and it’s marketable throughout the entire world as we promote Guyana and Guyanese products.”

The GMSA Representative, Mr. Mahendra Chand noted, “Durable Wood Products Inc. has been committed to value added products and international marketing, and with this mark, they can now boldly say it is Made in Guyana. It is a proud day for this country because products will no longer be leaving Guyana unlabelled.”

Head of the GNBS’ Certification Department, Ms. Andrea Mendonca in her remarks extended congratulations to the company for achieving this milestone. “This programme was launched with the aim of giving locally manufactured Guyanese products brand recognition, among other benefits” she noted.

Meanwhile, Techlify Inc. is the first software company to achieve the right to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark on its locally developed software. They joined the list of 23 other companies that have been certified Made in Guyana by the GNBS. The certificate was handed over by Head of the Certification Services, Ms. Andrea Mendonca to Chief Executive Officer of Techlify, Mr. Joshua Kissoon in the presence of Software Engineer, Mr. Shemar Austin at a brief ceremony held at the GNBS Sophia office.

Mr. Kissoon expressed heartfelt gratitude to the GNBS, highlighting “we are very proud to have the Made in Guyana Mark on our product; we have received support from many local companies and this is important because local content and support are really big in Guyana.”

According to Kissoon, Techlify Inc. has over 100 local companies using its payroll software and he foresees additional clientele because of the Made in Guyana Certification. The GNBS is encouraging more businesses to sign up to be a part of the Made in Guyana Certification Mark Programme to give their products that competitive advantage in the local and international markets. Application forms can be accessed at