GNBS urging persons to get their bed and breakfast facilities certified

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) is urging persons to get their bed and breakfast facilities certified, in light of the upcoming Caribbean Premier League.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information on Thursday, Head of the Certification Services Department, Keon Rankin noted that certification will ensure that both Guyanese and visitors receive the highest quality of service.

Keon Rankin, Head of Certification Services Department

“The Guyana National Bureau of Standards has started this initiative to ensure that all facilities, that offer accommodation are suitable, comfortable and safe for any person that is desirous of coming to Guyana and looking for a place to stay, so that they can be exposed to the highest quality of services,” he noted.

To be certified, bed and breakfast facilities must meet the required GYS 514 2016 standard.

“We look at things like pest management control, you must have a waste management system, fire protection system, parking spaces for the guests and or their visitors along with a policy that defines information for deposited money for reservation and the cancellation of reservations.

“In addition to that, the rooms also have requirements; they must be equipped with AC unit, chest of drawers, a bedside lamp and blackout curtains, along with some other requirements,” Rankin highlighted.

The certification initiative started in August 2022 and so far, only one establishment has been certified by the GNBS.

Rankin said the agency will continue to spread awareness and urged persons to seek certification for their establishments.

The bed and breakfast initiative aims to meet the accommodation demands when there are major events such as the Caribbean Premier League, since accommodation facilities are limited, even as major branded hotels are currently under construction.