Major rehabilitation work resumes on Parika Market

─ Hydronie Market near completion

Major rehabilitation efforts have resumed on the state-of-the-art Parika Market in Region Three, to restore normalcy to the lives of vendors, providing them with a safer environment to conduct their trade.

Works on the Parika Market resumed just a week ago after a brief pause by the contractors.  

The Hydronie Market where works are nearing completion

Regional Chairman, Sheik Ayube informed the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Monday that only ‘finishing touches’ remain to be completed on the market.

“They are doing the fencing, casting the compound, and then upstairs they have to epoxy [an adhesive used for bonding concrete mixture] the upstairs. After that the government will be putting in the stalls,” Ayube explained.

Approximately 108 stalls are slated to be constructed in the new and modern market space.

And according to Ayube, a final analysis will determine the size of stalls that can be accommodated in the facility.

A view of the upper flat of the market that is almost completed

Once completed, this spacious and elaborate two-storey building will house two food courts on the upper floor and the market office on the ground floor.

Additionally, provisions will be made for safe vehicle parking, sanitary facilities, and electronic surveillance to ensure vendor safety.

The chairman noted that the two contractors have indicated that these major works are scheduled to be completed within a two-month timeframe.

The rehabilitation of the market follows a fire incident in February 2023, which displaced vendors.

However, the government intervened to rebuild the market and provided temporary vending spaces nearby for individuals to ply their trade.

Meanwhile, Ayube disclosed that the Hydronie Market also in Region Three is nearing completion, with minor works expected to be finished within the next two weeks.

A section of the near-completed market

“For the Hydronie Market, the contractor has 12 days to complete it. They have to demarcate the spots for stalls and they have to complete the roof,” the chairman stated.

The completion of these markets will bring relief to both vendors and customers, as they will be able to operate and shop in a clean, safe, and modernised environment.

Last week, Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud, and a team from the ministry visited the two markets to assess the progress of construction.

In this year’s budget, the government allocated $1.3 billion to expedite the rehabilitation of several markets across the country, including Parika, Hydronie, Mon Repos in Region Four, and Suddie in Region Two, among others.