Goed Faith Households Enjoying First Time Access to Potable Water

Twenty Goed Faith, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) households are now accessing potable water for the first time in several years.

This follows a commitment to residents made by the Honorable Susan Rodrigues, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, during a visit to the area in May.

On Friday, the Minister revisited the area during an outreach to Region Five.

“I made a commitment to them that we would extend the project and expand the distribution networks to allow for those twenty families to have access to water for the very first time and today we were able to deliver,” the Minister stated, as she expressed her satisfaction with the level of works executed.

In addition to this, she noted that the distribution networks will also expand so that incoming house lot allottees will have access to potable water upon occupancy.

Meanwhile in D’Edward, remedial works to reposition an existing distribution network will commence in three weeks.

After receiving several complaints the Minister met with residents on Friday, who bemoaned the current situation. The residents are said to be receiving water from a network, which currently runs through the property of other residents, resulting in a number of issues.

In bringing resolve to the issue, the Minister affirmed, “we have identified some resources to relocate this network and we’re going to run the pipes and provide the households here with individual connections for the first time.”

This announcement was met with much satisfaction from the residents. Upon completion, some twenty three households will benefit.

Minister Rodrigues was accompanied by Member of Parliament, Mr. Faizal Jaferally, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Andre Ally, and other senior officials from the region and the Central Housing and Planning Authority.