“Good Life” more than just a slogan – Minister Jordan 

DPI/GINA, GUYANA, Saturday, June 23, 2017

The Minister of Finance says that the good life is more than just a slogan.  At the opening of a two-day seminar hosted by the Chatham House’s New Petroleum Producers Group, recently, the minister stated that its depends on  how the term is phrased. Jordan gave this example, “If I have $100 today and tomorrow I get a job, and I have a $1000 dollar. That’s the concept of a good life.”

Minister Jordan further explained, “The Good life means that we are far better off and sustained than we are today. I’m not speaking about when a farmer gets a premium market and he sells a 100,000 tonnes instead of 50,000 tonnes, and then tomorrow the premium market is gone and he is back into being a pauper. He owes the banks, that is happening right now in Guyana. That is not a good life.”

“Our good life concept is a stage that you reach and can be sustained. Where you are comfortable in yourself and it can be sustained in the environment called Guyana. It is a work in progress”, he stated. The Minister added that the good for him may not be the good life for another person, “because our situation levels could be somewhat different but there is a minimum which we talked about. We want comfortable roads. We want better housing. We want health where we are not to going to die from some strange injection. Our schooling that we can be proud of. We want to be able to take a vacation, and all those kinds of things. Those are the concepts of the good life.”

As nation, the Finance Minister indicated that, “We are way short, way short of that. So we have to use our resources in that concept of building that good life.”

The newly discovered oil find just off the Guyana coast will be used responsibly, along with other resources by Government, in a sustainable manner to enable all Guyanese to have the “Good Life” said the Finance Minister. This concept, he adds, will also be used to enable future generations to benefit so that they too can have the “Good Life.”

By: Paul Mc Adam


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