Gov’t addresses issues at Corriverton Market

Corrective measures are being taken on the Corriverton Municipal Market, to address the sanitation woes raised by vendors, when Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag visited the shopping hub on Wednesday.

Minister Parag assured that the issue will be remedied to allow vendors to work in a comfortable environment.

Minister Parag speaks with the Mayor of Corriverton, Imram Amin, and other vendors

“Sanitation issues were raised in terms of the cleanliness of the market, which the Town Council [Corriverton Mayor and Town Council] will step in and assist twice per month, along with the vendors in terms of cleaning their areas. We will also support them with some bins and ensure that the washrooms are kept clean daily,” the minister explained.  

Vendors also complained about the structural integrity of certain sections of the roof, which cause leakages during rainfall.

In response, Minister Parag assured the vendors that the government would intervene to rectify the problems with the roof to ensure a safer and more secure environment for their businesses.

The local government minister also committed to having the canals cleared within the vicinity of the market.

This will be done within the next two days, through a collaboration with the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA).

“I am imploring vendors too, who are plying their trade along the roadway, to ensure that they do not throw their plastic bottles, glass bottles, or any form of garbage into the trenches, because these things contribute to the drains being clogged,” the local government minister stressed.