Gov’t committed to upskilling Guyanese countrywide

Upskilling Guyanese through training remains a priority of the PPP/C Government, as it aims to increase the number of qualified persons in the country.

This will lead to Guyanese becoming financially independent, as well as enhance the country’s economic standing.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud at the Victoria Community Outreach

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud said, “There is a very definite path of this government in ensuring that every Guyanese benefit from every sector and every programme offered”.

She made it clear while addressing the residents of Victoria, East Coast Demerara that, “We are working on a path of transformation, where this country can grow to great heights and where the world can recognise all of Guyana’s contributions through every one of its people. So, today we come to you to say that every person is important in this trajectory of growth and this mission we are on to raise up the people of our country to unparallel heights.”

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton at the Victoria Community Outreach

The minister took the opportunity to highlight her flagship Women Innovative and Investment Network (WIIN) training programme that was conceptualised to empower women across the country.

Minister Persaud noted that since its launch, the WIIN progrmame has significantly impacted the lives of 6,000 women across the country, providing them with the opportunity to acquire their own businesses or become gainfully employed.

“Let us look for the areas where you can gain financial independence. Where you can make money in simple words, where women understand that sometimes you don’t have to work for people you can work for yourself and also make a good living,” she said.

Residents of Victoria

To this end, the minister has assured residents that WIIN will be brought to Victoria for in-person and virtual training in a number of areas.

Similarly, the Human Services Ministry provides training to persons living with a disability (PWD) free of cost, in courses such as social media marketing, garment construction, and more. Thus far, 300 PWDs have been trained across the country.

“People who live with disabilities can be productive too. Whether they are blind or have a mobility issue,” Minister Persaud said as she announced the construction of a training facility for PWDs at the old Mahaica Hospital.

Meanwhile, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton shared similar sentiments on the importance of having qualified human resources in the country.

The labour minister also committed to bringing the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) to the community of Victoria.

“I would hope that Victoria and the surrounding communities would take the opportunity to have us execute some programmes this 2023, to develop people in the community.  I have promised them that after this is done, I will visit both facilities and we can work together to have some technical training programmes happen,” he said.

Presently, the Labour Ministry is developing a training facility in Unity, Mahaica that should be completed in six months’ time.

The intention of the facility is to train skilled men or tradesmen to ensure that they are certified and accredited to work in any part of the Caribbean.