Govt investing in sport infrastructure to unveil Guyana’s potential

Like many other sectors, the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport is investing in infrastructure nationwide to advance the country’s athletic potential, revolutionising its sports industry.

This is according to Minister Charles Ramson Jr as he stated his ministry’s initiatives are aimed at advancing the nation and its citizens during a recent visit to Region Six.

He said since taking office, the ministry has been working to implement modern sports facilities and introducing new types of disciplines within the sector.

“We are spending money on our infrastructure and so as much as you understand the value, think about the productivity that comes with the infrastructure, the service you can get. So why we are building so many infrastructures? Is for the people of the country, who will get the investment and who will benefit from it,” Minister Ramson stressed.

He said the constant investment in new infrastructure is to also make Guyana a premier destination for world-class games.

“We want to invite people into our territory and we want to give them something exciting to experience, so that means we have to improve on our quality as well,” the minister stated.

As a testimony to this, Guyana has been partaking in multiple games both regionally and internationally for the past three years.

Moreover, due to the improved infrastructure, many regional games have been hosted in Guyana, especially at the National Track and Field Stadium at Leonora in Region Three.

Just recently Guyana hosted this year’s Caribbean Premier League (CPL) cricket, where it saw the matches being played at the National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara.

Over the past months, consultations for modern sports facilities have commenced in almost all the regions.