Gov’t will continue to pilot initiatives to ensure gender equity, equality − Min. Teixeira

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira has assured that this PPP/C Government will continue to pilot initiatives that seek to advance the attainment of gender equity and equality.

She noted that these efforts continue to see results, as women perform exceptionally and, in many cases, have begun to dominate sectors. Guyana’s education, health, housing, and political arenas, for example, have seen rapid development, aided and piloted by women.

The Inaugural Women in Law Enforcement Summit commenced on Thursday

The minister made these remarks at the opening ceremony of the Inaugural Women in Law Enforcement Summit on Thursday.

She underscored that while much has been achieved in relation to gender equality, there are gaps that still exist for which collaborative effort is required.

In the case of the Guyana Police Force, she stressed that more can be done to further uplift women officers in a male-dominated field.

A section of the gathering at the opening ceremony

Minister Teixeira highlighted that a key issue faced by women in the police force is striking a balance between having to single-handedly manage their families and furthering their careers.

“We can say as women that we are improving, that we are making great strides and it is true we are. And that is because of constitution, laws, programmes, policy programmes that give women opportunities and choices of what they want to do.”

She recognised the support the day care facility offers mothers in the force, adding that the establishment of a night care facility could further assist in these efforts.

The governance minister also pointed to the other challenges faced by women in the execution of their duties, urging those in attendance to let the summit present the opportunity to have meaningful conversations on areas that the Guyana Police Force can improve and lend additional support to the women in its employ.

“We as a country have made a lot of achievements. And as someone said, we came on the backs of those before us and those of us who are here now prepare the ground for the next generation, and the next generation. That is our role, to be able to ensure that our society is progressing and that we are bringing up the next generation to be able to take on the mantle of leading this country and leading the police force and leading private sector and so on. In every sector you can see women are grasping, seizing opportunities.”