GPF recognises ‘hard work and dedication’ of ranks

─ Efforts of police officers must not go unnoticed – Top Cop

─ 180th Anniversary Awards Ceremony held

─ $20M in the form of incentives given to officers

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, July 17, 2019

“Recognition and rewards for positive action lead to more positive action” this is according to Commissioner of Police, Leslie James.

The commissioner was at the time addressing the gathering at the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF)180th Anniversary Awards Ceremony. Held at Tactical Services Unit Drill Square, the ceremony saw officers of the force recognised for their stellar performance in maintaining law and order.

Commissioner of Police Leslie James [center] along with other Senior Officers of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the awardees.

Approximately $20M in the form of incentives was disbursed to the officers. Commissioner James said the awards are a form of motivation to the members of the force.

“These awards and recognition are never in vain as the records will show that the awardees and receivers of incentives and commendations continue to excel and venture beyond the call of duty,” he stated.

It was highlighted by the commissioner that “there are the officers that remain in their offices taking statements, generating painstaking reports long after their colleagues would have left. There are those officers that cast aside the fear of danger and challenge individuals with criminal intent and those engaged in criminal enterprises. Some put the lives and well-being of our citizenry before theirs.”

Therefore, he stated, the efforts of the police officers must not go unnoticed as they all play an important role in ensuring a safe Guyana for all.

Several officers were rewarded for dismantling several criminal enterprises and saving the lives of civilians. Community Police Groups and ranks from various divisions received awards. Divisions, branches, groups of officers and individuals also received trophies and cash incentives.

Over the past five years, approximately $154M has been bestowed in awards to deserving members of the force. Commander Leslie James said the recognition of officers will continue to be a permanent feature on the GPD’s calendar of activities.


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