GPF’s improved ability to solve cases due to more training

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, August 29, 2016

The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) ability to solve serious crimes has improved by some 58 percent.  Acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine credited this success to increased capacity and capability in the criminal investigations department.

“Our clear- up percentage in terms of us being able to solve the crime, prepare a file, send it for advice and have a charge placed in the court, we’ve now moved to some 58 percent from 20 and 25 percent,” the Commissioner acting said during a recent press briefing.

Acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine

Acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine

The acting Commissioner pointed out that there has been increased training for Crime Scene Investigators and technicians within the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The GPF has benefited from training from the Canadian Justice Education Society (JES) and British International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Programme (ICITAP).

“We have a major crimes investigation management unit that is doing excellent work. We have the first of its kind in the Caribbean, a forensic video analysis unit, and we have recently increased some 100 ranks in the CID department,” Ramnarine pointed out.

“We recognise the demand made on the investigations department,” Commissioner Ramnarine added.

The acting Commissioner explained that this increase in capability has renewed public confidence in the GPF, “That is why a number of persons who have been victims of serious crimes sometimes decades ago, years ago, believe and come to us and ask us to re-open old cases,” Ramnarine added.

In July, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum announced the re-opening of several cold cases including high profile ones like those of the Monica Reece, Trevor Rose and Sheema Mangar cases.