Guyana targets greener shipping industry, lower emissions

Guyana has joined the rest of the world in efforts to obtain safer and greener seas by transitioning to a zero and low-emission shipping industry.

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill said the preservation of the marine ecosystem while expanding shipping in Guyana, is crucial for a sustainable future.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

“Greener technologies can impact and help to preserve the blue economy and that is something that we must pay attention to because of our value, equal services that an ecosystem that we have.

“The search is on how we could expand shipping which is so essential for our human survival and at the same time preserve our blue economy and as well ensuring that we are moving in the direction of reduced emissions in keeping with the expectations of the world,” he said Thursday, as Guyana  commemorates ‘World Maritime Day’ 2o22 under the themeNew Technologies for Greener Shipping.”

Minister Edghill noted that the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030 was carefully conceptualised to attain sustainable economic development for the benefit of future generations. 

Director General of MARAD, Captain Stephen Thomas

LCDS 2030 leads in promoting solutions for the global transition towards decarbonisation of the world’s economy while ensuring Guyanese achieve a legitimate development expectation.

As part of the LCDS, the government has developed a blue economy strategy, which addresses the sustainable use of the sea while other renewable fuels are being developed.

In this regard, hydrogen and ammonia are being considered to develop these renewable fuels. Hydrogen fuel can be produced by splitting water molecules into hydrogen and using renewable energy, while nitrogen is separated from the air renewably creating green ammonia.

This is a true reflection of the global efforts of using technology to achieve a safer and environmentally friendly shipping industry.

World Maritime Day 2022

Meanwhile, the minister highlighted that Guyana’s maritime sector plays a major role in expanding the tourism economy as works are underway to introduce a deep-water harbour.

“We look forward to being a tourist destination that when we get a deep-water Harbour, I didn’t say if we get, I said when we get a deep-water harbour because that’s the direction that we’re moving into.”

The deep-water harbour will not only increase shipping services in the supply chain of the oil and gas sector, but will create the opportunity for cruise ships to dock in Guyana.