Guyana to step up humanitarian effort in The Bahamas

disaster management official to be deployed by weekend

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Following Hurricane Dorian’s devastating blow to The Bahamas, Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Lt. Col. Kester Craig, said personnel from Guyana are set to depart to the country to assist in disaster relief efforts.

“They are looking for someone to head the team that is going to work directly with the Permanent Secretary in The Bahamas that has responsibility for disaster management, more of a technical advisor. So, they have reached out to me looking at my availability or if I can identify a suitable person. Once that person is identified, that person would be deployed before the end of this week,” the Director-General explained.

This comment came after the Hindu Dharmic Sabha handed over $500,000 to the CDC in aid for the hurricane-ravaged country. The CDC is also prepared to send a volunteer and staff to support the CARICOM Operation Support Team that will be working on the ground in The Bahamas.

Director-General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Lt. Col. Kester Craig

Craig also briefly noted Guyana’s Defence Force (GDF) will play a part in assisting the Bahamian nation. Additionally, the CDC head stated that the commission will continue to monitor the situation on the ground to see how Guyana can play its role in the global effort.

Regarding the Guyanese family that returned home, DG Craig told DPI that systems are being put in place to ensure their smooth transition into Guyanese society. It was explained that while the Grimmond family is currently at the Guyana Marriott hotel while efforts are being made for them to return to their hometown of Lethem.

“We are in contact with their family, and so we have made arrangements with TransGuyana. They are providing a flight free of cost to take back the entire family to Lethem, and then they will meet with their relatives, and then we will be keeping in contact with them.”

Other Guyanese would have indicated their desire to return to Guyana in the aftermath of the hurricane. On that note, the CDC is collaborating with the government to make the arrangements for the citizens’ return.