GWI’s Managing Director proposes fixed fee for pensioners

DPI, GUYANA, Saturday, June 2, 2018

Pensioners countrywide may soon be paying a fixed sum for water consumption. This was disclosed by Managing Director of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) Dr. Richard Van-West Charles.

The GWI Managing Director recently made this proposal to the Public Utility Commission.

Managing Director, GWI, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles

It is expected with the implementation of such a measure some financial burden will be taken from the pockets of senior citizens.

“We have proposed that pensioners pay a fixed amount, about $741 per month… we expect to be hearing from the PUC within another few weeks and once that is approved, that system will be implemented,” the Managing Director stated.

The proposed sum will be for 10 cubic meters of water which amounts to 10000 litres of water. However, Dr. Van-West Charles highlighted that pensioners who live with family members and consume more than the 10 cubic meters of water, they will have to pay the difference in the billed amount.

It was also highlighted that in order to make the initiative work effectively, all pensioners will be metered to ensure they are carefully monitored. Additionally, Dr. Van-West Charles said that it is important that everyone is metered. He explained that “in order for us to continually improve this system, we have to ensure that everybody is making their contribution.”

According to the Managing Director, 49 percent of the country is already metered adding that very soon all customers will be metered to improve efficiency and reduce water loss.

By: Isaiah Braithwaite

Photos by: Anil Seelall