Improved water service for Mabaruma communities

— pump systems from Mabaruma to Wauna to be linked
— increased water volume for Wanaina
— budget 2020 to foster water expansion

An improved water distribution system in the Mabaruma sub-region, Region One, will see residents in Wauna village enjoying a better supply even as a short-term solution is being pursued.

This was disclosed by Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal, following a meeting with residents of the area, over the past weekend where the issue of inadequate water supply was raised.

Wauna is currently receiving water from a pump station at Wanaina, another community in the region, after its pump system was condemned and replaced with a hand pump.

In 2021, when the water rigging system moves into the region, the Ministry will be exploring a well in the area to restore water to Wauna and its environs.

In the meantime, a plan is set to be rolled out with the passage of Budget 2020.

“The intention in Mabaruma is to link all of the pumping systems from Mabaruma going all the way to Wauna. So, that is why in this year’s programme, in the 2020 capital [expenditure], there is a concentration to increase the reservoirs [and] the catchment area in Wanaina,” the Minister said.

He added this will in turn increase the pumping hours in Mabaruma.

For the regional hospital and Regional Democratic Council (RDC) compound, several large black tanks will be added to the single tank being utilised.

“It is intended to fill those large tanks and there is a scaffold there. So, all that is needed is some repair work and repainting and then there will be a constant reliable supply for the Northwest Secondary, for the regional compound and the hospital.”

Minister Croal noted that while school is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Northwest Secondary School has a usually occupied dormitory and therefore a constant water supply is needed.

Some $130 million has been allocated in the 2020 Budget for hinterland water service expansion and management.

In the long-term, a study will be done in the Hosororo catchment area to examine whether it can be used as a reliable water distribution source for Mabaruma. Minister Croal said that once successful, it will solve water distribution issues in Mabaruma.