Linden youth enjoying ‘Right Start Pan Minors Music Literacy Camp’

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration with Republic Bank Guyana Limited launched its ‘Right Start Pan Minors Music Literacy Camp’ to nurture the musical talents of the nation’s youth.

This endeavour consists of six camps in Regions Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven and Ten. Each camp can facilitate up to 35 participants.

Linden youths’ participants ‘Right Start Pan Minors Music Literacy Camp’

The Department of Public Information ventured to Linden, to experience the musical renditions by budding artists.

The youngest in the programme is eight-year-old, Aden Adams, who welcomed the exposure to music.

“It teaches me a whole other level of music and because I have a big band of friends so they can help me learn new notes and new stuff. I feel happy because my brother and I were not here, Amar and me would’ve been just stuck at home doing nothing so I am happy that it is here so we all could play steelpan,” he said.

Linden youths playing the steel pan

Fourteen-year-old, Akira Campbell related, “I wanted to come to this programme because I get to broaden my horizons because as you know there is different pans. I wanted to try something new and share my passion with others. This is a great initiative of the government because it will basically spread awareness because I am pretty sure that most people don’t know about steel pan and I am really glad to see that we have a lot of people here, just have fun and play together. I would like to thank the instructor he was patient with us and he just always there to help us.”

Eleven-year-old, Renola Jeffery said, “Growing up I always had a passion for music and I always watched on television people playing steel pan so now this is my first time getting a chance to play the steelpan.”

Linden youths playing the steel pan

With its rich cultural roots embedded in the Caribbean region, the steelpan is an iconic musical instrument that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Through this programme, the ministry aspires to instil a love for the distinctive art and create a platform for the next generation of steelpan players.

Linden youths playing the steel pan

The training provides a stepping stone for budding musicians, offering them the opportunity to learn the art of playing steelpan and grasping the essential elements of music theory.

The camp will conclude on August 11.