Min. Teixeira urges politicians to remain steadfast as Guyana reaffirms position on its sovereignty, territorial integrity

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira has called on politicians to remain steadfast in unity against the illegal claims of Venezuela on Guyana’s territory.

Minister Teixeira made the statement during her presentation at the Extraordinary Sitting of the National Assembly on Monday, as the house reaffirmed Guyana’s position on its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Hon. Gail Teixeira

“We stand on the grounds of righteousness and justice and we continue to [appeal]…for full, perfect, and final settlement of all matters regarding the territory of Guyana,” Minister Teixeira asserted.

Referencing the migrants coming to Guyana, some of whom have Guyanese heritage, the minister urged Guyanese to treat these people with respect and dignity as they are still human beings.

“We don’t need to escalate fear. We need to assure people that…you are safe, [and] we will not encourage xenophobia in our nation. We have never done that before, and we should never do it,” she encouraged.

On this issue, the minister said that Guyanese leaders must remain standing hand-in-hand as they defend Guyana’s claim to the Essequibo region.

“Today is the day, today is the day for us as politicians, as Guyanese, to stand united,” the governance minister pointed out.

The motion was presented to the National Assembly by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd.

It sought to affirm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Guyana and to denounce as provocative, unlawful, void, and of no international legal effect the purported referendum in Venezuela that is scheduled for December 3, 2023.