New Diamond/Grove Primary students shine in 2018 NGSA

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dreams can be achieved with perseverance and determination, as was demonstrated by the students of New Diamond/Grove Primary School who sat this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations.

Robin Wilson, one of the teachers, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that their students were among the top one percent. Four students gained a placement at Queen’s College, two others at the Bishops High, and there were also placements at President’s College, St. Stanislaus, St. Roses and St. Joseph’s High School. The school also has two students in the top 10 and three at the regional level.

According to Wilson, these results were achieved through the extra efforts of the students who were supported by their teachers. Outlining her strategy Wilson said, “I usually collect my children from Grade Five to Grade Six so every two years I would be in the examination class in that way I would get to mould the children better, identify their weaknesses and to work on their strengths.”

Earning 523 points, Esha Lakeram, took the top spot for New Diamond/Grove Primary School. The overwhelmed Esha revealed that she had originally set her sights on Bishop’s High School and was flabbergasted when instead she gained a spot at Queen’s College.

“I did not expect to do so well, however, I feel very happy to have been able to gain a spot at Queen’s College… this is perfect!” Lakeram advised other students not to be overwhelmed with assignments but to create a timetable that will also equal time to study and enjoy free time.

The other three top students, were also pleased with their placement at one of the country’s elite secondary schools. Future scientist, Safraz Khan gained 515 points, while aspiring chemist Jaya Jamuna earned 521 points; they are joined by Elijah Gomes with 519 points.

These students will now join Joshua Haniff on the New Diamond/Grove Primary School’s Wall of Fame. This honour began in 2013 when Hanff gained 474 points at the NGSA. He was joined by Rensha Shiwbalak with 510 points the following year, then Lilianna Adrian with 509 points, in 2016. In 2017, Chandrapual Sukhu and Bienda Emily, with 548 points and 500 points respectively, had their names added to the wall.

By: Neola Damon.

Images: Keno George.