No discrimination in land allocation process − Minister Croal

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal dismissed the notion that the government is discriminating against a certain group of Guyanese in housing programmes being rolled out countrywide.

“We don’t practice discrimination, we take into consideration one variable and that is you have to be a pending applicant,” Minister Croal said while speaking at a recent allocation exercise at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, Region Three.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal

If the demographics look a particular way here [in Region Three], it is what is it is Region three. When we go to Linden and the demographics look a certain way, it is what it is in Linden. If we go to lowlands on the east coast and the demographics look a particular way it is what it is.

“similarly, when you pull a lot from the envelope, we don’t know what your neighbour will look like.”

When the government took office in August 2020, it met a backlog of 70,000 applications, with only 7,000 house lots distributed during the coalition’s five-year tenure.

Minister Croal said the PPP/C Administration has since implemented an aggressive national housing programme that has seen over 17,000 house lots distributed to Guyanese in just over two years.

He also mentioned the turn-key programme which allows persons in the low and moderate-income bracket, and young professionals, affordable housing options. Some 1,200 units are currently being constructed in Regions Three, Four, Six and Ten.

In keeping with its manifesto , the PPP/C Government is committed to delivering 50,000 house lots − 10,000 annually to Guyanese within its first term in office.