No political interference at UG- Vice Chancellor

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DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana (UG) Professor Ivelaw Griffith today lauded the hands-off approach of the current administration, in allowing the unrestricted day-to-day running of the institution.

The VC has been at the helm of the country’s premier tertiary institution for the past two years.  He said since assuming that position, there has been no attempt to curtail his work or that of the university by the government; something that had shaped the university for years.

UG VC Professor Ivelaw Griffith.

He was speaking to the members of the media at his second media luncheon at the Herdmanston lodge earlier today.

“As an indication of an achievement, sometimes you have to ask yourself not only what has been done, but what has not been done. I have not had a government minister, or the President or Permanent Secretary tell me who to hire, who to admit, who to graduate or who to give a scholarship to,” the VC said today.

This, he said is testimony that the administration clearly understands it’s role.

“The practising business, as usual, is not in the best interest of the University or the society and that for me is a signally important achievement.”

The VC spoke of his meetings with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Public Telecommunication, Public Health and Education that have been lending support to the University.

“I’m comforted in the support from government entities and non-governmental entities i- moving along,” he said.

A governance task force had already decided that there be no special or partisan interest represented on the university’s council. The Vice Chancellor said changes are occurring at the institution.

By: Alexis Rodney.

Image: Keno George.