Press Release – ‘Main Access Road from Mahaica Market to Cane Grove to be Rehabilitated’

The road from Mahaica Market to Cane Grove will soon be rehabilitated.  

This was announced by Minister of Public Works, Honourable Bishop Juan Edghill during a visit to the area today.

According to Minister Edghill, “Cane Grove was forgotten for many many years. When we were in Government the last time, we did this road and we brought development to Cane Grove and its obvious, that this road was not maintained and it is now in a very bad shape.”

Against this backdrop, the Public Works Minister committed to rehabilitating the road from the Mahaica Market to Cane Grove. Additionally, three community streets will also be done. The internal streets should be completed within a week’s time, Minister Edghill posited, while works on the Public Road should commence in about two weeks’ time.

Minister Edghill was keen to note that contractors will not be allowed to sign contracts for jobs and not commence mobilization.

The visit to Cane Grove was one of the several stops made by Minister Edghill today. In Haslington on the East Coast of Demerara, the Minister inspected the condition of the roads and a recently completed bridge. The approach to the structure was in a bad shape and urgent remedial works were ordered by the Minister.

In Enmore at Robert’s Square, Minister Edghill was informed of an ongoing bridge construction, which was not very pleasing to the residents, who complained that substandard materials were being used, among others. As such, Minister Edghill instructed his engineers to work along with the NDC to ensure the main bridges are operable shortly.

In Plaisance, ECD Minister Edghill visited the site where works are nearing completion on a bridge that will link Prince William Street with Graham Street. The Minister also listened to residents about concerns they have regarding the poor state of the road.

Also, on the ECD, Minister Edghill noted that works will soon commence on the Vryheid’s Lust Bridge, which will allow for heavier vehicles to traverse. The two-lane bridge, Minister Edghill explained, will have the capacity to accommodate heavy duty vehicles. “So, on the main ECD thoroughfare, we will end up having six lanes. Four out on the main road and in this corridor, two lanes that will be running all the way from David Street to Enmore.” Mobilization for this project should commence shortly. Under this specific project, two bridges will be upgraded inclusive of the Vryheid’s Lust Bridge and one at Annandale. Minister Edghill however pointed out that due to the Christmas season traffic, the project at Annandale will be postponed and commence after the completion of the first project.

While conducting his site visits, Minister Edghill seized the opportunity to visit Conversation Tree Road, which has been closed to vehicular traffic, due to damages caused by a heavy-laden truck. Minister Edghill noted that rehabilitation works will soon commence, but however pointed out how strenuous it is for Government to fix damages caused by a civilian, while they are so many streets and roads waiting to be rehabilitated.

Minister Edghill made a brief visit to the Sheriff/ Mandela Road Expansion site where we enquired about the progress of works. He urged the contractors to complete the works in a timely manner.

At Sussex Street, Minister Edghill visited a main bridge, which was damaged about two months and no works have commenced to rehabilitate. The bridge which is the responsibility of the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown, will undergo repairs by the Ministry of Public Works. Minister Edghill explained that daily, complaints are received about the bridge, and it is his firm belief that the residents deserve the critical upgrade works, which can cost well over $20M.

The Minister of Public Works along with a team of engineers also assessed the drainage situation in sections of the City.

A highlight project was the upgrade of the Kingston Band Stand. The Ministry of Public Works will be beautifying the structure in collaboration with the Office of the First Lady and the Ministry of Tourism Industry and Commerce. The area, Minister Edghill said, is one which is used by thousands of Guyanese on a weekly or monthly basis. As such, street lights were firstly erected. Another phase of the project will see a walkway being developed on the sea wall and the outskirts of area beautified.

“We must be able to have live shows. We must be able to get the Police Force Band to come out here and give entertainment on a Sunday afternoon. We must be able to get some of the school bands to come out and perform, some of the choirs (especially since) it’s Christmas,” Minister Edghill explained.  The project will run the three offices $5M.


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