Prime Minister exposes opposition’s race-baiting agenda

urges Guyanese not to become entrapped by APNU+AFC’s perversion

Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips has once again exposed the APNU+AFC’s race-baiting agenda, and is urging Guyanese not to become entrapped by the perversion of an opposition that is losing significant ground in communities.

“Race-baiting politics is their only response which we all must continue to reject,” the Prime Minister said in a statement on Saturday.

Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips

He noted that the PPP/C Administration’s programmes and policies are being delivered under the ‘One Guyana’ agenda, where every Guyanese, regardless of location or background is benefitting from services. 

This statement came in light of the Opposition’s attempt to spew attacks on Prime Minister Phillips after he publicly confronted the APNU + AFC with the truth and exposed their vicious crusade to incite racial hostility within communities.

“It is not surprising that the response from the PNC camp flowed with great adhocracy, drawing on a few forgotten individuals to engage in ad hominem attacks instead of addressing the truth of the government’s programmes and policies I have outlined,he stated.

The Prime Minister’s responses provide proof that the PNC and its agents are engaged in a systemic race-based campaign to derail Guyana’s democracy and curtail government’s transformational agenda.

He said that Senior Minister with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh has already publicly pronounced on Nigel Hinds’ personal agenda and exposed the reason for his contrived attacks against government.

However, in response to questions raised regarding his character by Hamilton Green and Sherwood Lowe, Prime Minister Phillips reminded that before his retirement as a Brigadier and Chief of Staff in October 2016, he held appointments at all levels of the Guyana Defence Force, an organisation made up of predominately Afro-Guyanese.

Over his 36 years of military service, he also had the opportunity to counsel many young men and women, preparing them for leadership positions not just in the military, but wherever life takes them.

“It bears repeating that as an Afro-Guyanese, I am proud of the pathway to prosperity for all Guyanese under the One Guyana framework and the leadership of President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali.”

The Prime Minister said the opposition wants to shift the conversation to the messenger as they are confronted with the truth, maintaining that “the leaders of the APNU+ AFC are well known to cower when faced with the truth.”

He said this is the same unscrupulous group that fed their supporters a steady dose of lies about being in possession of Statements of Poll (SOPs) to prove that the party had won the 2020 elections. Those SOPs are still to be produced.

The APNU + AFC wants to shift the conversation so that they can continue to fan the flames of division using sociopaths to fuel their message. With the truth out in the open, the APNU + AFC wants to shift the conversation whereby seeking to downplay the Government’s engagement with Afro-Guyanese leaders and communities, many of whom are seeing high level ministerial engagements for the first time,” PM Phillips stated.

He added,By shifting the conversation, the APNU + AFC is hoping that Guyanese will ignore the infrastructural works taking place in Afro-Guyanese communities across the country and the award of contracts to Afro-Guyanese.”

The Prime Minister reiterated that the PPP/C Government’s plans of prosperity include every single Guyanese. Led by President Ali, the administration continues to work in all communities across the country, including the opposition strongholds.

“More citizens from these communities have been benefiting more under our government than when the APNU + AFC coalition was in office. People have been benefiting from roads, development and upgrade of sports facilities, university scholarships, while our local artistes are being given the opportunities and support that they’ve never had before by performing regularly at many Government events.”

Reference was made to the government’s massive housing drive which has already resulted in over 11,000 Guyanese receiving house lots. Roughly 50 per cent of the allotments went to Afro-Guyanese; 41 per cent to Indo-Guyanese; and just over 7 per cent to mixed-race. 

“Under the PPP/C there will be harmony and unity among our people, and this seems to hurt the opposition as it goes against their vision and agenda to have a united Guyana. I will continue to resist and expose the PNC’s ridiculous claims with every fibre of my being by presenting the truth about Government’s many initiatives in infrastructure, education, health and other sectors that are creating bountiful opportunities for all Guyanese,” the PM emphasised.

He said that the Government’s focus will remain towards developing Guyana and its people.