Ranks must be visible when conducting enforcement exercises – Traffic Chief reaffirms

Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh has reiterated the requirement for officers of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to remain visible when conducting traffic exercises on the roadways.

He noted that there are serious implications for those officers who do not follow procedure.

Senior Superintendent Singh was at the time providing an update on the traffic situation in Guyana on the GPF’s radio station on Monday.

Mahendra Singh – Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh

Any breach, the traffic chief underscored, would be a disregard of direct orders from the Commissioner of Police (Ag), Clifton Hicken who has made it categorically clear that no rank should be in hiding when conducting enforcement exercises.

He emphasised, “We have tried our level best to ensure all our ranks understand the need, that what they are doing is not meant to be prejudiced towards the public. They must be very open in spaces which is appropriate where they are in full view of those who are also within range of the radars they are in possession.”

Singh assures that any police officer who is evading this order will receive serious departmental disciplinary action.

“If we were to be made aware directly where it is occurring, the necessary action would be taken promptly to ensure realignment of the ranks behaviour and or compliance for all future exercises,” he stated.

“We wouldn’t just be speaking to the rank and or his supervisor in the particular spaces, there will be something in writing for if there is a recurrence which we do hope doesn’t happen, serious action will be taken, that is to say, departmental charges and or any other form of action that is deemed appropriate at the time. It’s not the appropriate thing to do. The rank ought not to be in hiding,” he reaffirmed.

Meanwhile, over the past week, 651 cases of speeding were observed while 30 cases of driving under the influence (DUI) were reported by police ranks across the country.

Educational talks with organisations, minibus drivers and motorists will continue across the country.