Region Two residents thrilled Easter celebration has returned

Many Region Two residents were able to spend quality time with family and friends, kite-flying and picnicking to celebrate Easter, after two years of Covid lockdown.

At Perseverance beach, hundreds of parents were seen assisting their children to get their colourful kites in the air. Others were searching for the right spot to settle down and enjoy the activities around them.

Easter celebration at Perseverance Beach, Region Two

DPI spoke to some of the families about the day’s event.

Annette Lindor, a resident from the Lower Pomeroon, said being able to enjoy the Easter holiday was amazing, after being unsure about the future, amid the pandemic.

“We had the pandemic, and it felt like the world was coming to an end, and so I have to be thankful to the almighty God because he has spared our lives so we have this wonderful time with our kids again,” she said.

Easter celebration at Perseverance Beach, Region Two

Like Lindor, Anand (only name given) said while today’s holiday will be spent enjoying each other’s company, it also presents the opportunity to thank God for what he has done.

“Flying kite is about the resurrection of Christ, and the raising of kites is the resurrection of Christ….God is about loving and sharing so every day in our lives, we must give thanks and praise to Lord Jesus because without him, we wouldn’t have life, and so we must thank God for this opportunity to be alive, to live this moment in health and strength.”

Easter celebration at Perseverance Beach, Region Two

Danny (only name given) said his family has been enjoying this opportunity to partake in Easter activities. “Being home during the pandemic and not being able to go out was a setback, and so the kids were eager to come out this morning to fly their kites,” he added.

Pearl Gomes said being able to return to some form of normalcy to enjoy such a holiday was a dream come true.

“I am so happy that I could come out and have fun with my kids because the last two years have been worrisome.”

Easter celebration at Perseverance Beach, Region Two

Participating in traditional kite flying and being among loved ones are exactly why Deon Edwards returned home.

He told DPI that, “it has been four to five years that I have been out there, so it has been really good to see that a lot of people still come out to enjoy themselves with their families and kids.”

Deon added that it is a good feeling celebrating the Easter holiday among fellow Guyanese.