Region Two’s top hinterland student honoured

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Earning 513 marks in the 2018 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), Anasie Fredericks of Tapakuma Primary School is happy to be one step closer to her dream job of becoming a financier.

As the highest performing hinterland student, Fredericks’ score placed her fifth among the top ten students for Region Two, Pomeroon-Supenaam. Come September, she will be heading to Bishops’ High School.

The aspiring financier credited her teacher, Arth Austin, for her success at the NGSA. Fredericks said her teacher was instrumental in her preparation for the examinations as well as her parents who enrolled her in a Mathematics camp.

“I want to thank my teacher for always believing in me and my ability to succeed, I also want my thank my parents for being there for me during this time because I know it was not easy but I am glad that they were with me,” Fredericks said.

She advises future NGSA students in order to succeed they must be mentally prepared.  This, Frederick said, is achieved by extra studies and taking additional classes to have a better understanding of challenging subjects.

Fredericks’ parents, Marlon Fredericks and Donette Edwards said this is a proud moment for the family.

“I got a call from a family friend around 12:30hrs telling me about my daughter’s success at the National Grade Six Assessment. I was speechless, could have already believe it…even though I know about her ability to succeed. I am just happy by her result,” Donette Frederick proudly remarked.

Fredericks’ parents are of the view that their daughter was always destined for greatness. It has always Anasie’ dream to attend high school in Georgetown.

Financing Anaise’s stay in Georgetown may be challenging, however, Marlon’s objective is to ensure his daughter receives a quality education, one which he intends to upkeep. To this end, the family is considering the hinterland scholarship programme to ensure young Anasie’s dreams come true.

Anasie was commended by Regional Executive Officer (REO), Rupert Hopkinson for her achievement at the NGSA. She was encouraged to continue striving for excellence in pursuit of higher education.

By: Neola Damon.