Remarks by Hon. Volda Lawrence, M.P., Minister of Public Health for The Launch of the Mashramani Costume Design

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am extremely delighted to be a part of this significant event, The Launch of the Ministry of Public Health’s Mashramani Costume Design. As you are aware, our beloved country will be celebrating forty-seven (47) years as a Republic when February 23, 2017 dawns, and this celebration of Mashramani, which captures the spirit of our nationhood, a Celebration after hard work, is an event in which we all must revel and feel exceptionally proud. It is the time that we set aside as a people to celebrate together in grand style our achievements and accomplishments.

I want to express thanks to the Costume Designer and all those who worked along, for the many hours spent designing and fine tuning to capture and depict the Mission of the Ministry of Public Health captioned under the theme Healthy in Green Guyana. This theme endorses President Granger’s overarching commitment to promoting a Green economy. It affirms his drive to implement policies and initiatives that will change behaviors and lead to healthier lifestyles and the well-being of all our citizens. I am sure you are eagerly awaiting the moment, as I am, when we can lift our banners high and portray with pride, the various health aspects mirrored in the theme Healthy in Green Guyana. Together we will celebrate with Dignity, Liberty and greater Unity.

As I officially launch the Costume Design, let us all be mindful of the importance of this theme, so that when the Mashramani celebrations are over, we will all make a conscious attempt to continue working together to enhance the lives of those whom we serve.

Congratulations to the designer and team for their hard work.

It is now my pleasure to launch the Ministry of Public Health’s Costume Design 2017.

Happy Mashramani to all of you and I do look forward to seeing you bedecked in your spectacular costumes on Thursday 23rd February, 2017 as we celebrate our status as a Republic for 47 years.

Thank you.