Scholars Academy launched, aims to provide equitable education for Corentyne children

As part of its commitment to providing adequate access to educational opportunities to students in Number 74 Village and surrounding communities in Region Six, Abraham’s Tent Inc., hosted its grand opening ceremony for the establishment of the Scholars Academy on Monday. 

Abraham’s Tent is a non-profit organisation that works to provide vulnerable students in the Corentyne area equitable access to education to empower the next generation.

The academy remains firm in its stance that education is the foundation of a progressive society and every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in their passion. 

Additionally, the academy is committed to providing a well-rounded curriculum to students in the region. 

Delivering remarks at the opening, Minister within the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry, Anand Persaud emphasised that the move by the learning institution to open the academy aligns with the government’s efforts of ensuring each child is provided with equal access to educational opportunities to foster growth and development. 

“We would like to see much more of this not only happening in Berbice not only in the field of education sector but in the health sector, in agriculture, etc,” the minister urged.

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud

He alluded to the $94.4 billion in this year’s budget to enhance the education sector. 

Government welcomes Guyanese abroad who would want to share their expertise in various fields, to drive development in every sector. 

President of Abraham’s Tent (Guyana), Shamin Ibrahim noted that the academy remains cognisant that students must be prolific in stem subjects.

Ibrahim added, “This academy can eventually be a beacon for the education for anyone striving for a better world… We are on the same trajectory as the present government’s educational guidelines and we look forward to mutual collaborations with the appropriate ministries.”

Meanwhile, board member of Abraham’s Tent, Dr Padmanee Sharma highlighted that the academy will provide equitable access to opportunities in various fields for girls and boys. 

Board Member of Abraham’s Tent, Dr Padmanee Sharma

In a developing country, Dr Sharma added that partnerships are important and will be beneficial to uplift the livelihoods of Guyanese. 

The academy intends to construct recreational spaces, schools for colleges, programmes for medical schools, constructing hospitals and cancer centres. 

The academy has registered and subsidised the registration costs for 18 students to write the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams during the May-June period of this year. 

A section of the gathering at the opening ceremony

In September 2022, the Scholars Academy was commissioned and welcomed Grades One and Four pupils.

Presently, 30 students are enrolled at the academy. 

Advisor to the Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, 2018 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine, Dr James Allison, various board members, and representatives from several ministries were also in attendance.