Small businesses benefit from management training

Several small business owners on Saturday benefitted from management training facilitated by the Small Business Bureau.

Speaking at the opening ceremony at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond said commerce and entrepreneurial activities are major contributors to Guyana’s rapidly growing economy.

Minister Oneidge Walrond addressing the small business owners

She noted that small businesses have a major role to play in this advancement.

“Small businesses and small enterprises like yours are the ones that fuel that kind of growth because it puts disposable income in your hands. Many of you would end up hiring one or two persons in your establishments and what we want to do is to give you the tools, that the particular enterprise that you are engaged in or thinking of engaging in, can grow and employ even more people,” Minister Walrond stated.

Minister Kwame McCoy delivering remarks at the training for small business owners

Meanwhile, Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with Responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy noted that under the previous administration, only a selected few benefitted from funding for their businesses, but now more persons are benefitting from small business loans.

Participants at the training

“The mission of this government is really to work with people all across the country, wherever they exist to help and to hold your hands and to walk you through the steps to development and success, and that’s why you are here today,” he stated.

Participants at the training

The minister told those in attendance that the funds, along with their own efforts and sacrifices, will give them the opportunity to expand their businesses.

Participants at the training

“Our job is to work with you all, together to support you because we want all our people in this country to do well. We want all our people to strive for development. We want all our people to have the maximum benefit of business opportunities that exist amongst us,” minister McCoy emphasised.

Participants at the training