St. Peter’s Anglican Church is a beautiful tourism destination-Minister Gaskin

GINA, GUYANA, Friday, February, 24, 2017

The St. Peter’s Anglican Church on the island of Leguan, Region Three is worthy of restoration and maintenance for tourism purposes, according to Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin.

The St. Peter’s Anglican Church located on the Island of Leguan, Region Three

Originally constructed in 1827, the St Peter’s Church will be celebrating its 190th anniversary this year. Minister Gaskin who has responsibility for the tourism sector, said that the church is a historical site that is being assessed as a tourist attraction.

Gaskin, who visited the church recently, told the Government Information Agency (GINA), that the Draft Tourism Policy calls for the acceleration of plans for the delineation and upgrading of heritage trails/districts in Georgetown, Essequibo and Berbice. Within that framework, the Department of Tourism in the Ministry of Business intends to work closely with the National Trust of Guyana and other bodies to bring to prominence those aspects of the building’s heritage that have value as tourism attractions.

Visits to the site can be included in tourism tour packages, Minister Gaskin said. He observed that, “… some form of restoration needs to take place on the building and surroundings.”

Minister Gaskin pointed out that the church, with its tiled sanctuary, massive brickwork, asphalted floor, architectural rafters and windows

The St. Peter’s Anglican Church located on the Island of Leguan, Region Three

portraying events in life of the patron Saint Peter, testifies to the artistry and craftsmanship of Guyanese builders.

According to information from the National Trust of Guyana, the church, which is still operational, was first opened for service on December 9, 1827. The structure was replaced by the present one on June 29, 1855. Prior to the erection of the first church, services were held under a clump of bamboo trees. On November 25, 1826 a meeting was held in the house of Captain Thierens of Plantation Vissailvalligheid. At this meeting it was decided that a church and parsonage should be built. A site was chosen on the front lands of Plantation Enterprise, Leguan. On December 9, 1827 the church was opened for service.

The church, which is built of bricks, was originally covered by a roof of wallaba shingles; this was later replaced by metal roofing. At the left of the North Western entrance stands the detached bell tower, surmounted by an octagonal brick spire. With this artistic design and leaning tower, St Peter’s Church is located on 10, 843 acres of land and is regarded as one of the finest brick structures constructed in Guyana.

The St. Peter’s Anglican Church located on the Island of Leguan, Region Three

The Government of Guyana is committed to prioritising the development of Guyana’s tourism sector.

Minister Gaskin said that the tourism sector has the potential to make a major contribution to the “Good Life” which the government has promised Guyanese.

The government is set to undertake a stocktaking exercise of potential sources of tourism products within the 10 administrative regions this year.

Additionally, the National Tourism Policy which is currently being  reviewed includes focus on developing market-ready tourism products, enhancing the quality of service, generating increased employment in the sector, and improving tourism’s contribution towards  economic growth. These will clearly identify elements of nature, culture, heritage, community, and other assets that could serve as the basis for the development of tourism in the Regions.



By: Gabreila Patram


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