Use Christmas season to help those struggling through pandemic ─Minister McCoy

─citizens urged to obey COVID-19 guidelines  

Minister of Public Affairs within the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Hon. Kwame Mc Coy, is encouraging the spirit of goodwill, as Guyanese embrace the Christmas season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Minister made this statement during a ‘Christmas Light Up’ ceremony hosted by the National Communications Network (NCN) at its Homestretch Avenue location Sunday evening.

“I want to ask that each one of you enjoy Christmas of course with the safety measures in place, but don’t restrict your love, don’t restrict your caring, your humility, don’t restrict your ability to give to the less fortunate among us,” Minister Mc Coy said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more pronounced poverty, and economic instability in many homes, and the loss of loved ones has caused additional shock and strain, he added.

“I want us to remember those persons out there. I want us to be compassionate and to use our compassion to treat those who may not be as fortunate as we are, and to ensure that we can share the goodwill of Christmas with them,” the Minister said.

Minister Mc Coy also strongly advocated for citizens to obey all COVID-19 guidelines published by the Government, while enjoying their merriment.

“It has really been a challenge for us and it is the first time that we are learning how to celebrate Christmas with such a pandemic … I would ask that we all find the best ways possible to enjoy ourselves, but also to remember that we have to adhere to the protocols required because of COVID-19. So, part of our gift packages should probably be some of those very care packages necessary for COVID-19 in our households and elsewhere.”

An exciting future lies in wait for Guyanese come 2021, he said.  The Government is working to ensure that citizens can live a prosperous life, the Minister added.

NCN too is set for advancements, Minister Mc Coy said, noting that investments will be injected to make the company one of the leading local and international broadcasters.