‘We want every single region to be on par’ in the agri. sector – Min. Mustapha

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha is reassuring farmers across the country that they will benefit from all government services and opportunities available in the agriculture sector.

Minister Mustapha was speaking during a training programme for extension officers on Tuesday at the Zara Computer Training Centre in Georgetown.

He pointed out that, to ensure equal access to agriculture development services, the government allocated some $800 million in this year’s budget for hinterland agriculture development.

The minister said this is to ensure that those regions benefit equally as those on the coast. He pointed out that several visits were made to the hinterland regions, where breeding animals and other planting materials and equipment were distributed.

Agriculture Minister, Hon. Zulfikar Mustapha

A call was made for extension officers to inform farmers of the many services at their disposal.

“What government is giving, what’s in the budget for the farmers, how farmers can access planting materials, how farmers can access breeding animals, people in various parts of the country receiving these things and we must ensure that the entire country, receive the same benefits.”

Minister Mustapha noted that processing facilities have also been established in various parts of the country to ensure that farmers have access.

“We never had one in Region Nine, St. Ignatius, we never had one in Watooka in Region 10, we never had in Charity or Anna Regina, Black Bush Polder, Fort Wellington, now those areas are boasting agro-processing facilities,” he underscored.

The agriculture minister also disclosed that the government is looking to engage a specialist in agro-processing and is continuously working on marketing the produce from these regions.

“We don’t have an area that we are giving priority to, we want all of Guyana, every single region in Guyana to be on par with one another,” he added.