‘You have a gov’t that is here to listen and work with you’ – Min. Croal

Scores of residents from Enmore, East Coast Demerara and neighbouring communities were engaged by Housing and Water Ministr, Collin Croal, Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, and representatives from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) today.

A number of concerns related to housing, water and other matters were addressed during the meeting held at the Enmore Hope Primary School.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal during his address at the meeting with the residents

Representatives from the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) and Guyana Lands and Survey Commission (GLSC) attended the meeting to assist and provide the residents with solutions to their issues. 

The residents expressed their appreciation for the ministers’ visit and requested for the delegation to address problems in other areas.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony addressing a concern raised by one of the residents

Minister Croal noted, “And together this afternoon, before we leave here, we will all work out programmes and work modalities of how we can get the best possible options that have an outcome that is beneficial for everyone…I’m not here to railroad anyone. I’m here to help fix the system and I’m here to also help you,” Minister Croal underscored.

The minister provided several solutions based on the issues raised by the residents.

Resident’s concern being addressed by the representative from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA)

Residents raised concerns about the land, squatting, and water issues within Enmore and the neighbouring communities.

Minister Croal added, “We must also recognise what your present government is trying to do. In two years, as I speak now…of last Friday, in two years, we have allocated over 5,700 lots across Guyana.”

Minister Croal highlighted that from August to present, some 4,000 house lots have been allocated on the East Coast of Demerara. He advised the residents that massive housing programmes will be conducted on the East Coast which will benefit everyone.

A section of the meeting

The minister alluded to the $1 billion in contracts signed, through CHPA, for three contractors to commence work for the Industrial Commercial Hub which will create thousands of job opportunities in Enmore/Foulis.

Minister Croal assured the residents that government is committed to ensuring that they  have improved water access.

It also falls in line with the government’s plan to ensure at least 90 per cent of residents on the coast have access to treated water.

“So, by the end of next year here on the East Coast, well, you here in Enmore will be benefitting from that upgrade of the treatment plant. And, we have a second component for the East Coast, the studies to tap into the fresh water source.”

Residents at the meeting

The minister noted that studies are being conducted at several to ascertain the source of water to be used. One such study is the use of the Hope Canal water, which is almost completed.

“Once it proves successful, once it proves that we can tap into this. It means therefore, we will develop a system that will see East Coast of Demerara receiving abundance supply of water and at a higher level. That is our ultimate objective for the people on the East Coast,” he added.

Meanwhile, Minister Anthony informed the residents about the construction of the new hospital next to the Poly Clinic, in Enmore, which will commence early next year to provide quality service to everyone.