$10.5M health centre commissioned in West Berbice

Residents of Number 7 Village and surrounding communities, along the West Coast of Berbice witnessed the commissioning of a new $10.5 million health centre, Wednesday, a demonstration of the PPP/C Government’s commitment to ensuring citizens’ access to primary health care. 

Local Government and Regional Development Minister, Nigel Dharamlall said the government has honoured its commitment to the people.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall handing over the license to one of the nurses of the health centre

“When we took government, one of the things that we have been striving for is to make sure that our people are well educated and even whilst they are educated, that they receive proper health care.

“Well, this was one of the clarion calls of people when we were campaigning, before we got into government, that the health care services, especially at the regional level, that those services were not the best suited to rural people,” the minister explained.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall during his speech

He said the government has invested massively over the last two years to lift healthcare standards in Guyana.

He, therefore, encouraged residents to monitor their health to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“We have an integral role to play in ensuring that there is optimal delivery of healthcare services…So, we hope that the facility is going to improve and enhance the lives of people within the villages. We also hope that the services that are going to be provided, that those services are going to meet you practically every day.”

Regional Health Officer, Dr Desmond Nicholson

Meanwhile, Regional Health Officer, Dr Desmond Nicholson said the new facility will eliminate the cost and lengthy travel to the other health facilities.  

“So, before now, you may have had to visit the Cotton Tree health centre or the Woodley Park health centre to address the common health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma or even the immediate health conditions that you may have. You no longer have to do that. Today, you’re doing it here. From this day, you’re doing it here at the Number 7 health centre,” he stated.

A section of the gathering

Member of Parliament, Faizal Jaffarally stressed that health care delivery and health services are important to the country’s growth and development. He noted that the government has always ensured that all citizens benefit from the country’s resources.

Mr Jaffarally explained that this is a commitment of the government to ensure that the healthcare facilities are fully equipped to provide more than basic services.

Some of the services offered at the health centre

Among the services to be made available to residents are antenatal and postnatal care, treatment of chronic illnesses, child health, and COVID-19 vaccination.  The facility also has a doctor’s office, pharmacy, dressing room, nurses’ room, triage, and vaccination room.

Regional Chairman, Vickchand Ramphal, Regional Vice Chairman, Rion Peters, and Regional Executive Officer, Genevieve Blackman, also attended the ceremony.