$11.2B approved for Constitutional agencies

Over $11.2Billion was on Tuesday approved by the National Assembly as current and capital spending for the 16 Constitutional agencies for 2020.

Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill tabled the estimates on behalf of the Government at the first sitting of the National Assembly of the 12th Parliament, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC), Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

All the sums proposed were later approved unamended and unopposed.  These include:

Constitutional AgenciesBudget Approved
Parliament Office $1.799 Billion
Office of the Auditor General$908.636 Million
Public and Police Service Commission$150.636 Million
Teaching Service Commission117,075 Million
Guyana Elections Commission$4.943 Billion
Supreme Court of Judicature$2. 443 Billion
Chambers of Director of Public Prosecution$226,822 Million
Office of the Ombudsman$70,001 Million
Public Service Appellate Tribunal40. 911 Million.
Ethnic Relations Commission$220,802 Million
Judicial Service Commission$10. 020 Million
Indigenous People’s Commission$24. 392 Million
Human Rights Commission$25. 958 Million
Rights of the Child Commission$46. 095 Million
Women and Gender Equality Commission$58. 460 Million
Public Procurement Commission$58.327 Million